Throwing bricks through glass | Sarah Moore and Munroe Bergdorf

There’s something to be said for intrusion, for trespassing in spaces that ‘don’t belong to us’. For visibility and glowing pride, making and taking history as ours. We fight for what we want – for what we deserve.

Munroe Bergdorf in the Linenfold Parlour, Sarah Moore

In our world, we worship and celebrate those marginalised and create our own idols. We believe in the power of love and fire, of progress and politics and the greater good. Of equality for all, not just the palatable to the heteronormative.
Adapted, adopted, we belong in this space. We belong here and now. A step through the mirror and closer to where we need to be.

Munroe Bergdorf in the Breaker’s Yard, Sarah Moore

Marsha’s fist and Christopher Street.

We aren’t there yet, but we’re on our way.

Take what’s yours. Take up space. Scream. Be visible, proud, vulgar, bold and brilliant. Be clever and calm and better. Fracture the ceiling that patriarchy has built to contain us.

Munroe Bergdorf in the Grange Caravan, Sarah Moore

Tear it down.

And we’ll keep throwing bricks through glass.

Shattering it all.

It’s us now.

words by Sarah Moore

Munroe Bergdorf in the Great Chamber, Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore
(she/her/hers or they/them/their)

Sarah Moore is a queer, hard-femme identified activist, photographer and filmmaker, and works as the Communications Officer at LGBT Equality charity, Stonewall. Sarah’s work is centred around themes of equality and celebrating the beauty and diversity within the LGBTQ community.
Sarah’s work can be found online at

Visitor enjoying the portraits in the Victorian Study, photograph by Eli Beristain

Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf is a transgender woman of colour, best known for her activism and work with fashion and makeup brands such as Uniqlo and Illamasqua. Munroe can often be seen raising awareness of issues that affect marginalised groups and working within the media to challenge stereotypes when it comes to gender, race and sexuality.
You can follow Munroe on Instagram at @munroebergdorf

Visitor enjoying the portraits in the Victorian Study, photograph by Eli Beristain
Munroe Bergdorf through the Armada window, Sarah Moore