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Master-Mistress: passion, desire and ambiguities in Shakespeare’s sonnets
Sutton House, Hackney
Feb 2014

Making Things: an exhibition of doctoral work in progress
Art, Design and Museology studios, UCL Institute of Education
January 2015

Sutton House, Hackney
Feb-Mar 2015

126 at the V&A
‘Queer and Now’ at the V&A
Feb 2015

Twilight People: stories of faith and gender beyond the binary
Islington Museum
Feb 2016

Speak Out London
London Metropolitan Archives
Oct 2015 – April 2016

Sutton  House Queered
Sutton House, Hackney
Feb – Nov 2017
A year long series of events and exhibitions celebrating LGBTQ cultures and communities at Sutton House. Including the following exhibitions:

Victor Zagon

It’s not yours it’s mine | Kev Clarke

Throwing Bricks Through Glass | Sarah Moore

School of Anarchy: Project Indigo

The Elves and the Shoemaker
Sutton House, Hackney
July – Sept 2018

Deck the Halls: 500 Years of Christmas Traditions
Sutton House, Hackney
Nov-Dec 2019

Clive Jenkins and the ASTMS
Sutton House, Hackney
Feb-June 2019