At Your Convenience

A soundpiece playing in the Garderobe at Sutton House in February 2017.

Munroe Bergdorf (she/ her/ hers), Sarah Moore (she/ her/ hers or they/ them/ their) & Sean Curran (they/ them/ their) in conversation about the importance of public gender neutral toilets.

Soundpiece, approximately 6 minutes

This garderobe is thought to be the oldest loo in Hackney… Garderobes have been used since the late Middle-Ages, and are now widely used as a term to mean toilet. They were a private space, often desirable when a chamber had a secondary purpose to sleeping, such as a living room. It is unknown how long this garderobe was retained for its original function; the door would have been extended from the original Tudor brick work in the Georgian period. It was later likely used as a cupboard and during the restoration of the house in the early 1990s a wall was partially removed to reveal the original Tudor brick.

We have installed new signage for our toilets at Sutton House to reflect our desire to be a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for all. The signage was designed by myself and created by Alex Creep.