‘126’ press

The private view for ‘126’ took place on Thursday 5th and was a huge success. It was great to meet so many of the participants of the project, and we had over 100 people turn up!

There is a little feature about the exhibition on the Exuent blog.

Plus it features in ‘Hackney Today

I’m also really pleased that the exhibition featured in the National Trust members magazine (which apparently has an absurdly high readership of 4.5 million…) a friend of mine pointed out that in his many years as a member of the National Trust, this was the first mention of anything LGBTQ he’d ever seen in the magazine, which isn’t hugely surprising, but a great honour to be the first if that is the case. Unfortunately the text for the magazine needed to be done quite early, so it features the artwork from last year’s exhibition instead of for ‘126’:

I’ve written a piece that will be published soon on the Notches blog, which is a great blog about the history of sexuality. I’m also planning to storify the tweets about the exhibition at some point, and will also be sharing some of the feedback gathered in the comment books at the exhibition, my favourite comment so far said ‘Beautiful. Made me laugh and cry. Everyone should see this especially younger visitors to Sutton House’. This is particularly interesting as one of the complaints (yes, there have been a few…) was concerned about children seeing the exhibition. A particularly surprising claim, since the complaint arrived before the exhibition had opened…

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